What is the Mason Neck Horse Coalition (MNHC)?

"There is more to lose than land. A way of life and an understanding of who we are is also at stake. Horsemanship is important to our country's history and lore. It teaches us responsibility and stewardship and how to care for another lifeform. When we protect this, it enriches out communities."

- John F. Turner, 1997 (former Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

MNHC, Inc. is a non-profit, corporation dedicated to protecting and preserving the physical, natural, historical, and cultural heritage on Mason Neck and the horse community in Fairfax County and surrounding areas throughout Virginia.

MNHC Members:

What can I do to help?

Join the MNHC, Inc., and help protect open space and provide accessible land and trails for all users.

For information on membership, you may contact MNHC either by e-mail at:


Send your membership form to:

MNHC, Inc. c/o Linda Miller
8912 Camden St
Alexandria, VA 22308

Last Update - February 26, 2014